The Hunter Returns to CFC With Avengance

2 Mar

by Tony Green (photos by Josh O’Neil) (2009-03-02)

Cage Fighting Championships 7 hosted the Integrated/Fairtex MMA Champion Adrian “THE HUNTER” Pang V Denis Kelly fight which did not disappoint. Voted as one of the best fights of the night with both fighters standing in the pocket throwing punches in bunches. Adrian hurt Denis midway through the first round with a punch, knee combination which would have made his muay thai trainers proud and followed with a barrage of punches that saw Denis go to his back where Adrian unleashed powerful punches and elbows from guard for the remainder of the round until the bell sounded.
In the second round both men again came to the centre of the cage and stood toe to toe both landing clean strikes before Adrian again launched a powerful two punch combination and knee to the body that crippled Denis to the cage floor where THE HUNTER landed a number of undefended punches to the head before the referee stopped the fight.
With Adrian back at his best and comfortable at 70kg he is ready to make his push back to a CFC World Title shot. It was good for the Sydney fans to get to see why “THE HUNTER” is so highly regarded as a fighter and Im sure he won over plenty of new fans after his efforts last Friday night.
Adrian thanked Team Sponsors FAIRTEX, REDBAK SUPPLEMENTS, MMA SPORTS MAG and VAS for their continued support of himself and the IMA team. Also a big thanks to photographer John O’Neill.

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