War of Heroes 2 Brings International Martial Arts to Santa Clara

6 Mar

by Robert Haugh for Santa Clara Weekly (2009-03-06)

Bringing an Olympic-caliber martial art event to Santa Clara, “War of Heroes 2” brought a true sense of international martial arts competition to Santa Clara on February 21.
According to Fairtex’s Anthony Lin, the event was sold out, with 1,500-plus Muay Thai fans gathering at the Santa Clara Convention center for the highly energetic evening.
Featuring a full card of 16 action-packed men’s and women’s amateur and professional bouts, including four championship bouts — featuring two professional bouts to determine USMF and WBC Muay Thai rankings, the event was a huge hit.
With a fantastic evening of fights, building on the momentum established in the first installment last Summer, X-Fight promotions, USMF and Fairtex were proud of the success of the event.
Cung Le, a highly celebrated local MMA champ and movie star presented the USMF National Amateur Welterweight title to Bryan Petro while top-ranked WEC & UFC fighter Tim McKenzie presented the USMF National Amateur Super Middleweight title to Daniel Kim. Major promoters such as Scott Coker of ISKA Strikeforce attended the event as well.
For future events, Lin says USMF and Fairtex are planning two more events this year, likely in May or June and again in September or October 2009, both at the Convention Center, depending on availability.
USMF is in the process of selecting athletes to represent the USA at the World Cup scheduled November 26-December 5, in honor of the Authority King of Thailand’s birthday.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will also be present at the World Cup along with other world sports federations.
“For the next two events, we also plan to have more talented athletes from Thailand to showcase their talents against athletes from other countries such as France, Holland, Australia, Japan, Brazil, etc.,” says Lin.
The final pro bout of the evening featured a devastating knockout, as Thailand’s Coke Chunawat drilled Fumihiro Tanno with a vicious elbow strike in the third round.
“War Of The Heroes 2 seemed to reenergize the Muay Thai scene on the US West Coast. Once again the promoters were able to present a great night of fights, with a young, high-energy feel. Everyone at Fairtex is excited to see what the next event holds in store. We are sure it will be a success,” concludes Lin.
Visit http://www.ifmamuaythai.org for more information on muay thai, or
http://www.fairtex.com for more information on Fairtex and their martial arts programs.
Full results:

Phillip Jucaban d. Medwin Mina by Unanimous Decision

Tyler Cronin d. Guston Bolonas by Split Decision

Christine Ferea d. Lenore Kelly by TKO (ref stoppage)

Phil Devera d. Derek Leung by Unanimous Decision

Amber Pope d. Christie Cheeketts by Split Decision

Bryan Padilla d. Fernando Parez Jr. by Unanimous Decision

Damien Negrete d. Justin Roman by Split Decision

Bryan Petro d. Chris Kwiatkowski by Split Decision

Mari Balilo d. Malia Spaynol by Split Decision

Daniel Kim d. Caley Scott by Split Decision

Ashly Altman d. Jennifer Nguyen by Unanimous Decision

Nathan Willet d. Ben Yelle by Unanimous Decision

Coke Chunawat d. Fumihiro Tanno by KO
Gabriel Carrasco d. James Agloro by Unanimous Decision

Zack Bargiomo d. Jake Timoteo by KO
Rick Erles DRAW Carlos Valero

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