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Yodsanklai Fairtex Defeats Cosmo Alexandre

27 Jun

by Bangkok Post, pictures by One Songchai (2009-06-27)

Muay Thai fans in more than 150 countries are looking forward to Friday fight when nine high-quality fights take place in Montego Bay, Jamaica on a bill titled Champion of Champions 2.

At the top of the card, Thai superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk will clash with Contender Asia season one finalist John Wayne Parr, from Australia.

Also attracting a lot of international interest is WMC cruiserweight champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett’s proposed match with Dutch legend Tyrone Spong.Contender Asia champion, and WMC world champion, Yodsaenklai Fairtex takes on Brazilian ruler Cosmo Alexander while Anuwat Fairtex squares off against Liam Harrison, from England, for the World Muaythai Council lightweight title.

This fight pitches the best in Europe against Thailand’s number one.

Belarussia’s Andrei Kubelin will fight for the WMC welterweight title against current champion Musab Amrani from Morocco while Contender Asia season one semi-finalist Sean Wright from Scotland tackles Contender Asia season two qualifier Marco Pique from Surinam.

H.E. Privy Councillor General Pitchitr Kullavanijaya will attend the event.

WMC vice-president Stephan Fox said the aim of the tournament was to raise enough money to buy 3,000 computers for schools in need in Jamaica.

‘This is a major breakthrough for the sport,” said Fox.

“We are ready to take Muay Thai to the next level.”

The bumper card is available on Main Event pay-per-view over the internet.

“Champion of Champions 2″ official results:

Originally, Yodsanklai Fairtex was matched up against Steve Wakeling from UK which than changed to Levin Artem from Russia and finally changed to Cosmo Alexandre from Brazil.

Yodsanklai defeated Cosmo with KO win via leg kicks stoppage in round 4.

WMC 63 kg. World Title
Andrei Kubelin def. Mosab Amrani by unanimous decision (46-49,46-50,47-49)

WMC World Junior Middleweight Title
Buakaw Por. Parmuk def. John Wayne Parr by unanimous decision (49-48,49-46,50-49)

WMC World Super Light Heavyweight Title
Clifton Brown def. Kaoklai Kennorasing by unanimous decision (48-47,48-47,48-47)

WMC World Championship
Nathan “Carnage” Corbett vs. Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong (No Contest)

WMC World Super Middleweight Title
Eugene Ekkelboom def. Rayen Siimson by TKO (arm injury) Rd.4, 0:14

WMC 61.5 kg. World Title (Harrison could not win Title due to not making weight)
Anuwat Keawsamrit def. Liam Harrison by TKO (leg kicks) Rd.3, 0:46

WMC World Welterweight Title
Yodsaenklai Fairtex def. Cosmo Alexandre by KO (leg kicks) Rd.4, 0:25

WMC World Super Lightweight Women’s Title
Julie Kitchen def. Angela Riviera-Parr by unanimous decision (49-47,50-46,49-48)

WMC World Middleweight Title
Marco Pique def. Sean Wright by KO (punch) Rd.1, 1:48

WMC World Heavyweight Title
Paul Slowinski def. Patrice Quarteron by KO (punch) Rd.1

Champions of Champions 2

24 Jun

by WMC (2009-06-24)

Jamaica with no doubt is one of the beautiful countries in the world and one of the biggest muaythai events, perhaps the biggest in the history of the sport itself, is set to be held there. The world’s best fighters will square up for 9 world title fights and the Jamaican Prime Minister’s Cup.

Former WMC and K-Max World Champion Buakaw Por Pramuk wil take on Contender Asia superstar John Wayne Parr.

Contender Asia and WMC World Champion Yodsaenklai will be challenged by the European superstar Steve Wakeling from the UK.

Anuwat will fight the pride of England, Liam Harrison.

The fight of the big boys, a super heavyweight world title will be between Paul “The Sting” Slowinski from Australia and Patrice Quarteron from France.

Dutch legend Rayen Simson will challenge Eugene Ekkelbloom for another world title.

Mosab Amrani from Morocco will defend his world title against Thai legend Saenchai.

Contender Superstar Dzhabar Askerov will be challenged by the one and only Marco Pique from Surinam.

Angie Rivera representing the United States will fight Julie Kitchen from the UK for the WMC Female World title.

The pride of Jamaica Clifton Brown will be challenged by Thailand’s famous Kaoklai.

The World Muaythai Council. the sanctioning body for the event states that this is not just an event, but a charity event, and H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya Privy councillor to H.M. the King will travel together with a Thai children’s demonstration team to be part of this exciting event.

Celebrities from screen and sport will be part of this historical event, with names such as Cedric The Entertainer & Ed Moses on the VIP list.

Be Inspired by Fairtex

24 Jun

by John Tozeland, World Muaythai Magazine (2009-06-24)

Founder of Fairtex Khun Bunjong Busarakamwongs also respectfully known as Mr. Philip Wong, is the man who crafted his own business empire and expanded to incorporate Muaythai Tourism and travel into Thailand realizing a dream to see Fairtex Muaythai Fitness Camps in Thailand, Japan and America.The sport of Muaythai has been his life long passion, and over the years has done a tremendous amount of work to promote this fighting art both in Thailand and abroad.

Mr. Philip Wong is the founder and Chairman of the Fairtex Group (since 1958) and has since realized his dream and successfully created business in Muaythai today.Fairtex now consists of: Fairtex Muaythai Fitness Thailand, Fairtex Muaythai Fitness USA, Fairtex LLC, Fairtex Equipment Company Limited, Weerasackreck Fairtex Muaythai Japan, Fairtex Thepasit Stadium, Fairtex Promotions, and other Fairtex businesses.

Fairtex was incorporated in 1958 producing raw materials for garment manufacturing with customers such as FBT and other garment manufacturers. Such materials are knitted cotton and/or polyester material used in jerseys.Fairtex Garment Factory Company Limited was then incorporated in 1971 to produce apparel under the Fairtex brands.The Fairtex gym was in operation since the 60’s but was not registered as an official company until 1975.

Mr. Wong has a deep passion for Muaythai and is one of Thailand’s leading and most respected Muaythai Pioneers.Mr. Wong is still highly involved in the running of his Bangkok camp, guaranteeing excellent facilities and strong backings for his fighters.Muaythai is popular all around the world, and there are many foreign fighters, who want to prove themselves in real competition against the Thai professionals, said Mr. Philip Wong, Chairman of the Fairtex Group.

“What is being offered is the opportunity for foreigners to trains with champion Muaythai fighters in a first class training camp inside a sport club and then goes and fights in an official stadium,” enthuses Mr. Wong.

Muaythai has become so popular internationally that many people are cherishing the opportunity of coming to Thailand to experience the traditions, culture and ring skills of Muaythai.

Joining the Fairtex management, Mr. Anthony Lin (President and CEO Fairtex Worldwide” has a successful track record working for America’s top Fortune 500 Companies such as Intel Corporation, Hewlett Packard Company, 3M Company, Norwest Bank, and Jostens, Inc.Mr. Lin has expertise in strategic planning, product design and development, manufacturing, supply chain management and global logistics.Mr. Lin shares his time between Thailand and USA offices and is responsible for worldwide operations, branding, marketing and new business development.

As a new generation of the Fairtex management team, Mr. Lin is credited for transforming Fairtex into a household brand name within the combat sports and fitness industry.Since his involvement with Fairtex. Fairtex equipment has won numerous awards worldwide and dubbed as the Rolls Royce brand of all equipment for Muaythai and MMA.He has also successfully worked with key media channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, MTV, CNN and Travel Channel to further educate the mass public what Muaythai is and what it has to offer and just as importantly, brand the Fairtex Muaythai.

WMM: How did it come about that you became involved with Fairtex?

Lin:Back in October 1999, I was working for Hewlett Packard as a Manager in San Diego, California.I was itching to start my own business.I had consulted with Mr. Wong on various possible business ventures ranging from import/export to consulting businesses.Then one day, he called me and told me that he had been looking for someone with an international experience to spear head the newly incorporated Fairtex Equipment Company Limited.I told him I would think about it and the next day, I gave my two weeks notice and moved to Thailand.

WMM: How would you describe the Fairtex brand for Muaythai today?

Lin: Fairtex brand is synonymous to Muaythai.But Fairtex brand is beyond Muaythai.It is a lifestyle brand.It is about being the best you can be and just as importantly, to inspire others.That is how we came about our slogan, “Be Inspired!”Fairtex products and services touch people’s lives in various ways.Whether it’s your desire to looses weight or become the next world champion, learn Muaythai, or just get in shape, Fairtex Muaythai is a vehicle for people to “Be Inspired” to achieve whatever they want.

WMM: How do you see Muaythai developing in America today?

Lin:Muaythai has evolved into a lifestyle, fitness and a competitive sport.As for fitness, it is one of the best workouts with quick results as you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour as featured on Muscle & Fitness Magazine.As a traditional competitive Muaythai sport, it has not received the spotlight like other major sports. This has to do with the economics and the public perception or lack of education of the sport.But thanks to the growth and popularity of mixed martial arts, Muaythai has recently gained acceptance as a lifestyle sport.

In closing, Mr. Wong’s passion and mission in life is to expand the knowledge and culture of Muaythai to the world.He is very enthusiastic about Muaythai, and his enthusiasm is contagious!Mr. Lin, the new generation for the Fairtex brand, is continuing the legacy of Mr. Wong by taking Fairtex to the next level.

Fairtex Equipment Company Limited is committed to supplying top quality equipment at competitive prices and providing excellent customer services worldwide.Fairtex continues to be the innovators of gear and apparel on the combat sports and health and fitness landscape.Fairtex truly is “Gear for the New Generation”

The Fairtex Group is a network of Fairtex companies with offices in Thailand, USA and Japan.The Fairtex Group provides athlete management, promotion, and training of Muaythai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and fitness related, premium quality combat sports gear and apparel worldwide.

Fairtex Fighters Win BIG at WCSC Awakening event

23 Jun

by Fairtex (2009-06-23)

Congratulations to Ryan Roy and Jenna Costillo, Gaston Balonas and Jessie Gillespie for taking him the WCSC championship belts.Also congrats Josh McDonald on his impressive victory.

Ryan was crowned WCSC Champion after going all 5 rounds dominating his opponent in a full Muaythai rule.Jenna stormed her opponent, giving her no chance what so ever to do any damage.Jenna won by TKO.Josh’s fight was exciting as always as he dominated to fight with a decision win.Gaston’s fight was an error by the referee but after a Kiran Fitzgibbon had challenged the refereeing, California State Athletic Commission and WCSC agreed to overturn the decision and gave Gaston the championship belt.Jessie dominated his opponent with a hug win by KO to take home the WCSC championship belt.

Smokin’ Joe Burns for Return

19 Jun

by Chris Cozzone for (2009-06-19)

His smokin’ guns holstered for over a year, Joey Villasenor has been at the mercy of belly-up organizations throughout a long, zigzag career climb. But he’s reasonably sure he’s finally going to get the chance to fight Friday night.
“Here we are, four days out,” Villasenor said Monday, following a wind-down workout at Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts in Albuquerque. “I think it’s finally going to happen.”
On Friday, Villasenor (26-6) headlines the Strikeforce Challengers event against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos (16-12) in Kent, Wash. The bout, and four others, will be televised live on Showtime.
There’s no reason to think that Villasenor’s fight won’t happen — but after multiple letdowns over the last 12 months, a bit of skepticism is a reasonable, if not healthy, response.
After Pride Fighting Championships went dormant, Villasenor signed up with EliteXC. Villasenor had a strong start, than a bad stumble against Murilo “Ninja” Rua, who stopped Villasenor with a second-round TKO in the promotion’s first middleweight title championship. The New Mexican veteran racked up three big wins afterward and was on the verge of another title shot when the organization folded.
With Villasenor’s contract caught in the crossfire, months of legalities tied up the Jackson-trained fighter, until Strikeforce resurrected the sport on Showtime this spring.
“The time off stunk,” said Villasenor. “I know it’s the nature of the business, but I lost a lot of time.”
At 33, and with a decade invested in a game that has seen its veterans, of late, become cage- and shopworn, Villasenor’s clock could be ticking.
“Am I a dinosaur?” asked Villasenor with a laugh. “I don’t think so, no sir. I feel I’ve only gotten better. It took a while for my career, and for MMA in general, to develop. The young guys are redefining it and training has become so specialized. But, for me, it’s been learning on the job.”
Villasenor was born in East L.A., but moved to Albuquerque when he was in fourth grade. Years later, Villasenor got his start in martial arts when his family moved to Farmington, in the northwest corner of New Mexico. After turning pro in 1999, Villasenor eventually found his way back to Albuquerque where he hooked up with Greg Jackson.
“I had a lot of opportunity to fight early on,” said Villasenor, who fought frequently for King of the Cage. “But, for the most part, I was sent out to lose. I realized I was just a feeder.”
Villasenor went from feeder to beater, as his nicknames evolved from “The Dream Smasher” to “The Mexican Hitman” to “Smokin’.” Eventually, he earned the choice to fight in the UFC or Pride.
Villasenor, whose teammates were UFC fighters, chose Pride.
“I have no regrets not taking the route of the UFC,” said Villasenor. “Everything’s a gamble in this sport. When the opportunity came for the UFC, I wanted to be paid accordingly.”
Villasenor lost his opening Pride bout –- a split decision to Ryo Chonan — and was knocked out by a 22-second flying knee courtesy of Robbie Lawler in his second bout with the organization. Ironically, if EliteXC had continued, Villasenor would’ve rematched Lawler for the middleweight belt.
“It’s been a bit like fighting in the shadows,” said Villasenor. “And I don’t mind fighting in the shadows at all. I’ve never been big on stardom — that just means more pressure. On the other hand, of course I want the chance to be the champ.”
Friday is another first step in that direction.
“The time off has taught me to savor every precious moment of ring time,” said Villasenor. “I’ve been training for a fight, on and off for a year now, for something that never happened. Now that’s it’s going to happen, the pressure is there to perform. It’s huge. No one wants to see a boring win. But if you forget all that, and just go out there and fight, and take over… that’s all there is.”
Against Santos, Villasenor believes he has preparation on his side.
“We’re gonna be better prepared than Cyborg,” said Villasenor. “He’s a Wanderlei Silva type, but he’s slowed down after hard losses. We’re prepared for his ankle and leglock attacks. We’ll stay clear of his big shots and we’ll go to work. I got the right team behind me.”
That team, for the past three years, has included girlfriend Holly Holm, who is a six-time world champion boxer.
“She’s been the biggest blessing in my life,” said Villasenor. “She understands the game, what it is we do. We eat right together, run together, watch films… She’s been a big impact in my life.”

War of the Heroes III Results

17 Jun

by Jon Swensen, (2009-06-17)

The United States Muaythai Federation and Xfight brought the War of the Heroes III Muaythai Kickboxing Championships to the Santa Clara Convention Center on Saturday June 13th, 2009.

A stacked 16-fight card featured 2 pro superfights with K-1 veteran Marfio “The Warrior Tiger” Canoletti facing M. Toddy trained Chaz Mulkey, and a Brazil vs Japan showdown with an imposing Gilmar China Sales vs Baba Shingeyasu. Two USMF National Kickboxing titles were on the line, and the WOTH III main event featured pro Muaythai fight of Fairtex’s Nathan Willet vs Jose Palacios with Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le and Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson in his corner.

The fight of the night had to be awarded to Marfio Canoletti and Chaz Mulkey based on the sheer amount of damage each fighter inflicted during the 5-round full thai rules contest. Chaz Mulkey began the first with an explosive display of striking punctuated by a dangerous counter hook and high kick combination. Chaz Mulkey poured it on with a series of flurries and elbows to end the first round.

The momentum carried with Mulkey as he dictated action at the start of the second. 2002 K-1 Brazil World MAX Champion Marfio Canoletti tried to overload the right hand and land kicks from a distance. Chaz spun Marfio into the corner and finished with a series of knee strikes in the clinch.

Marfio chopped one leg out from under Chaz Mulkey at the start of the third, and he responded with several short elbows and hard knees in tight. The Sao Paulo born Canoletti nearly fell through the ropes trying to circle away from an attack in the corner to a roar from the crowd. Canoletti landed a hard hook which knocked Mulkey back into the ropes, and was blocked to the mat on a flying front kick attempt.

A large cut was opened up over the eye of Marfio in a very bloody fourth round. Chaz stalked him around the ring with a series of hard low kicks and finished with mutiple body shots and elbows up against the ropes. During the break Mulkey’s trainers worked hard on the cut and wiped the blood off of him, the corner, and the mat, but they missed the press table. With a high pace at the start of the fifth, an elbow connected to open a deeper cut over the eye of Chaz Mulkey. He could not continue giving Marfio Canoletti the come-from-behind TKO 52 seconds into the fifth round.

In the other professional superfight held under K-1 rules, Fairtex Brazil’s imposing K-1 veteran Gilmar China Sales broke down Fairtex Japan’s Baba Shigeyasu and earned a first round TKO. The first three low kicks by Sales connected with the loudest sounds of the night. He went back to work on the lower leg and added several hard hooks up top. Baba Shigeyasu tried several push kicks to create distance for combinations, but eventually his corner stopped the fight when Shigeyasu had problems defending himself.

The fighter of the night award may have to be given to Fairtex’s Nathan Willet after a strong 5-round unanimous decision win over a technical Jose Palacios. Muaythai kickboxing is the science of 8 limbs (elbow, knee, feet fist), and Willet’s 8 limbs displayed a full range of strikes that slowed down and punished a quicker, unbeaten Palacios. Nathan Willet threw short elbows in close with bad intentions, and finished the 5th round with a pair of heavy knee strikes caught on the highlight video.

Two United States Muaythai Federation Amateur National Titles were on the line Saturday. In the first title fight at 112 pounds, Jill Guido (TNT) earned a 3-round decision over former model Florina Petcu (Renzo Gracie from NYC). With the win, Guido earned a spot on the USMF National Muaythai Team that will compete at November’s IFMA World Cup in Thailand. Guido showed excellent movement and technical ability against a taller Petcu, but her strength is an aggressive defense. As Florina would start to throw a punch or a kick, Jill Guido was blocking the strike while at the same time initiating one of her own.

In the other USMF National Title fight at 155 pounds, an evenly matched Dino Pagtakhan (Fairtex) won a tight 5-round decision over Eric Faria (Art of War). Faria strutted into the ring loose and dancing to his entrance music. Eric caught an early high kick, and tripped Dino to the mat illiciting a large cheer from his fans early in the first round. Several toe-to-toe exchanges punctuated the second round. Dino gained the edge with several power punches and high kicks connecting. Eric Faria was able to launch knee strikes or shut the fight down in the clinch. The third round was a series of collision then clinch, collision then clinch, collision then clinch, which favored the Art of War’s Faria.

At this point the fight could have been scored even with the first split, the second going to Dino, and the third to Faria. In one sequence in the fourth round, Dino trapped Faria in the corner and landed a flurry of punches and knees that seemed to slow him down and sap some of his energy. In the fifth and final round Dino Pagtakhan showcased his footwork before Faria again brought him into the clinch. Pagtakhan landed a combination, and long left hand and right hook that backed Faria off. A short counter left hook as Eric Faria came forward drew a large reaction from the crowd and put Dino Pagtakhan over the top for one of the most entertaining fights of the night.

The winners of the USMF National Muaythai Title will go on to represent the USMF National Muaythai Team at the IFMA World Cup 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand this November 27th to December 5th, 2009 in honor of the Authority King of Thailand’s Birthday.There will be over 120 country teams competing under the International Olympic Committee (IOC), GAISF, and WADA recognition.

On the undercard, the American Kickboxing Academy’s Eric Luna, Unlimited Kickboxing’s Hector Cortes, and AKA’s Alexander Namuski looked impressive en route to early stoppage wins. TNT’s Ryan Ratcliff apparently knocked out Jason Andrada on a trip at the start of the second round. Andrada’s head hit the mat while his legs were suspended above him in the ropes. Andres Salas, Katie Toliao, TJ Arcangel, Reggie Queja, Tal Segev, Troy Taylor and Agualuna Romeo all earned wins.

FEG’s Mike Kogan (Japan’s K-1 Max and Dreams) was on hand to scout the kickboxers. According to a press release, there is a possibility WOTH could be used as a feeder program for K-1 Max.Mr. Scott Coker, ISKA Strikeforce Promoter, and Ricardo Santana, WBC Brazil Promoter, were also in attendance enjoying the action packed bouts.

War of the Heroes IV will return to the Santa Clara Convention Center on October 10th, 2009 with a mix of professional MMA and Muaythai bouts along with amateur Muaythai undercards. For more information, tickets or sponsorship opportunity, please contact Nissa Zbiczak at

Story and photos by Jon Swenson

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