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Mark Munoz Wins At UFC 102

31 Aug

by FTX – photos courtesy of (2009-08-31)

On Saturday night Fairtex fighter Mark Munoz notched his first UFC victory, with a split decision win over Nick Catone.It was a hard fought, three round war that earned Munoz the victory.The fight is featured today on the UFC website in the On Demand section.From everyone at Fairtex, Congratulations Mark!.
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Fairtex Featured In National Geographic

28 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-28)

Fairtex is featured in National Geographic Magazine, the August 2009 issue as part of the featured story on Angkor, Cambodia.In this picture a local Muaythai hero climbs into the ring wearing his Fairtex shorts.

Mark Munoz At UFC 102

28 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-28)

This Saturday night Fairtex fighter Mark Munoz will make his 185 lbs debut against Nick Catone at UFC 102.Munoz, a decorated NCAA wrestler and National Champion, began his MMA career working with Ganyao Fairtex in San Francisco.Since then Mark has been on a tear, racking up an impressive record of 5-1.Munoz has also worked extensively with Ryron Gracie and Rener Gracie in Southern California.He has endeavored to become a very complete fighter, and the move to 185 lbs should mark a key point in his career.
Standing in Mark’s path is Nick Catone.Nick Catone is a strong wrestler, with a UFC record of 1-1.He presents a difficult challenge for Mark, but it should make for a great fight.From everyone at Fairtex, Good Luck Mark!We’ll be watching, and hoping for great things from the Filipino Smashing Machine.

Fairtex Fighters Shine At Capital Fighting Championships

24 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-24)

Fairtex fighters Cyrillo Padilha and Romulo Melo both pulled out impressive wins this Saturday at the CFC Battle At The Ballpark event.Romulo Melo submitted his opponent with a slick arm bar in the 2nd round.Cyrillo finished his opponent in the second round by TKO from strikes on the ground.
Both Cyrillo and Romulo looked great, and their coach Jongsanan Fairtex was pleased with both fighters performance.Special thanks to our good friend Alexander Crispim who made the drive up to Marysville to help corner the boys.We look forward to seeing both Cyrillo and Romulo in action again soon.
One final note, this was the first MMA event for the new promotion Capital Fighting Championships.They put together a great show, and we look forward to seeing more Fairtex athletes in their promotion in the near future.

Fairtex Project Afghanistan Presents: A Hope Of Mother Benefit

24 Aug

by (2009-08-24)

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca (Monday August 3, 2009) – Hope Of Mother (HOM) will host its first ever fundraising gala at Ruby Skye in downtown San Francisco on August 26, 2009. Guests will rub shoulders with community leaders including members of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and San Francisco Consul Core. Mayor Gavin Newsom will also be in attendance, along with local personality Hooman as Master of Ceremonies. Other entertainment will include performances by DJ Amplive of ZION I with special guests and an Afghan musical set performed by world-renowned percussionist Salar Nadar accompanied by master of the robab Homayun Sakhi.
“Hope Of Mother has been flying under the radar for five years now. It’s now time to show the world what we’ve been doing to rebuild Afghanistan,” says Tareq Azim, co-founder of HOM. “I think everyone is really going to be blown away by how much we’ve done so far and how there’s a place for everyone who wants to help. Our organization is structured after grassroots politics – we know the power of a unified goal.”
Since 2004, HOM has been working to create opportunities for the younger generation in Afghanistan. The 501(c)(3) organization offers basic guidance, consistent communication, and face-to-face mentorship with its staff, local villagers and other Afghan natives. HOM also provides the Afghan people with a direct link to participation in the development of their local economies, relations, and structure of its regional future.
“We’re building small, profitable communities now, so the children grow up knowing how to create their own successes. With that kind of solid base, we’re looking forward to seeing more world leaders emerge from Afghanistan,” says founder and president Mina Wali. “We will not be known as a country of suicide bombers, if I have anything to do with it.”
Tickets to the Hope Of Mother fundraising gala are $100 available online at The event begins at 8pm on August 26, 2009 at Ruby Skye. For more information on the event and organization, visit

Tareq Azim, co-founder


Pure Pankration 2 Is HUGE!

21 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-21)

Building on the success of the first show, Pure Pankration 2 upped the ante with more action packed fights, and an even bigger attendance!It was elbow to elbow at 1015 Folsom nightclub, and the crowd was, energetic.The Pure Pankration series, made possible by Fairtex, Mixed Elements, and FDM, is quickly becoming the hottest weeknight ticket in the Bay Area. The event features top up and coming fighters from the best camps in the Bay Area.Pure Pankration 2 featured fighters from Fairtex, El Nino Sports, Bushido Fitness, Ricardo Barros Jiu Jitsu, Graciefighter, and many more camps.Check often for announcements about the next event date.

Pure Pankration 2 Tonight!

20 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-20)

Fairtex, Mixed Elements, and FDM present Pure Pankration 2 at the world famous 1015 Folsom nightclub.Pure Pankration highlights the Bay Areas best young talent, in an exciting, high end club setting.It’s the Fight Club meets the Night Club.Join us tonight for a great night of fights and fun at 1015 Folsom.The first bout starts at 7:30pm.Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Come to Thailand, Let’s Take a Break

18 Aug

by Fairtex Thailand (2009-08-18)

Fairtex was chosen of all Muay Thai camps in Thailand to be part of Thailand Authority of Tourism’s TV Advertisement called, “COME TO THAILAND, LET’S TAKE A BREAK” that is be broadcasted throughout Korean national TV channels.

The Thailand Authority of Tourism created the campaign with the objective to promote Thai Tourism and present Muay Thai as a key point of interests; Muay Thai is Thai national sport and is a considered a healthy, exciting and an enjoyable martial arts that are learned by people around the world.Fairtex was selected to participate in this campaign since Fairtex is the world renown Muay Thai brand in Thailand and is the destination where Muay Thai enthusiastic travel from all over the world to comes to learn authentic Muay Thai in the motherland of Muay Thai.The host of this TV commercial is “Nichkhun, a Thai teenager who is part of a popular Korean band called “2PM”.

For more information about this campaign, please

Let’s Take A Break video can be viewed at:


17 Aug

by Damon Martin for (2009-08-17)

New Year’s Eve 2007 seemed like a lifetime ago on Saturday night, as Gilbert Melendez punished Mitsuhiro Ishida to erase the memory of the first loss of his career. He picked up a third round TKO to cement his spot as the top contender to the Strikeforce lightweight title.
Early in the fight, Melendez did a great job of setting the tone by keeping Ishida away from any kind of clinch or takedown, while tagging the Japanese fighter with good punches and combinations. Late in the first round, Ishida finally scored a takedown, but he couldn’t hold Melendez down. The Fairtex/Cesar Gracie student actually got a double-leg of his own before the first five minutes expired.
The second round saw Melendez settle into a rhythm, as he continuously shut down Ishida’s takedown attempts, while slamming his opponent with big punches at every turn. After opening a cut on Ishida’s head, Melendez took him down and unloaded some heavy knees to the body that seemed to bury deep in Ishida’s breadbasket.
With Melendez soundly in control heading into the third round, it seemed early on as if Ishida was finally gaining some confidence in his stand-up, winging some punches back at the California based fighter. His confidence didn’t last long, however, as Melendez opened up a flurry of punches and knees against the cage, forcing the fight to the ground.
As Ishida tried to survive from his back, Melendez blasted down shot after shot, forcing his opponent to roll and give up his back. Ishida was able to resist giving up the rear naked choke, but Melendez was okay with that plan, sinking in both hooks and unleashed a barrage of punches to the side of the head.
Taking shot after unanswered shot, referee Herb Dean swooped in to save Ishida from any further punishment, as Melendez avenged the first loss of his career. Unlike the first fight, he showed true dominance and kept the fight wherever he wanted it to go.
“Just had to be patient today. He’s a very a smart fighter, like a strategic fighter,” Melendez said about Ishida following the win. “Usually I come out to brawl. I had to be patient. Jake kept telling me in the corner, ‘I know they’re booing now, but wait till you knock him out, they’ll forget about it.’”
Erasing the memory of their first fight from his mind, Melendez used quick and powerful strikes, mixed with a good wrestling game to put away a very talented fighter in Ishida.
“It feels great, it definitely feels real good coming back and winning that,” Melendez commented about the win. “I’m a different fighter right now. I’m focused, I’m motivated, I can’t guarantee victory, but I guarantee I’ll always come out and perform for you.”
With Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson still on the shelf with a lingering leg injury, Melendez was quick to point out that his interim title doesn’t mean much without defeating the fighter who took the title from him in the first place.
“I don’t even want this belt, Josh is the champ,” Melendez stated.
The message was clear by his performance though that Melendez is ready to reclaim his spot as the top 155-pounder in Strikeforce.
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Fairtex selected for 1st Asian Martial Arts Games

16 Aug

by FTX (2009-08-16)

The 1st Asian Martial Arts Games open in Thailand, bringing together hundreds of athletes from 40 Asian countries to test their fighting skills with the aim of raising interest and national pride in the Asian fighting sports.

The competitions range from well-known martial arts, such as kung fu and karate to the more exotic, such as Uzbekistan’s kurash, a form of wrestling.

The 1st Asian Martial Arts Games has selected Fairtex’s grappling gloves styles #FGV12 as the official equipment for the tournament held this August 1-9, 2009 at the National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

The President of Thai Jiu-Jitsu Federation cited that he chose Fairtex over other brands based on high quality and safety features of the grappling gloves and will be the official gloves for the Thai National Team.The president of Asian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Wrestling Federation also approved Fairtex grappling gloves as their official gloves for the tournament.

Please visit Fairtex (#FGV12) grappling gloves in actions at the first Asian Martial Arts Games on YouTube: Fairtex Channel on YouTube at

In 2009, Fairtex (#FGV12) grappling gloves was voted by MMA fans worldwide and awarded by Fighters’ Only Magazine as “The BEST Gloves Manufacture in the World.”We like to thank you and everyone for the continued support.

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