Fairtex Project Afghanistan Presents: A Hope Of Mother Benefit

24 Aug

by hopeofmother.org (2009-08-24)

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca (Monday August 3, 2009) – Hope Of Mother (HOM) will host its first ever fundraising gala at Ruby Skye in downtown San Francisco on August 26, 2009. Guests will rub shoulders with community leaders including members of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and San Francisco Consul Core. Mayor Gavin Newsom will also be in attendance, along with local personality Hooman as Master of Ceremonies. Other entertainment will include performances by DJ Amplive of ZION I with special guests and an Afghan musical set performed by world-renowned percussionist Salar Nadar accompanied by master of the robab Homayun Sakhi.
“Hope Of Mother has been flying under the radar for five years now. It’s now time to show the world what we’ve been doing to rebuild Afghanistan,” says Tareq Azim, co-founder of HOM. “I think everyone is really going to be blown away by how much we’ve done so far and how there’s a place for everyone who wants to help. Our organization is structured after grassroots politics – we know the power of a unified goal.”
Since 2004, HOM has been working to create opportunities for the younger generation in Afghanistan. The 501(c)(3) organization offers basic guidance, consistent communication, and face-to-face mentorship with its staff, local villagers and other Afghan natives. HOM also provides the Afghan people with a direct link to participation in the development of their local economies, relations, and structure of its regional future.
“We’re building small, profitable communities now, so the children grow up knowing how to create their own successes. With that kind of solid base, we’re looking forward to seeing more world leaders emerge from Afghanistan,” says founder and president Mina Wali. “We will not be known as a country of suicide bombers, if I have anything to do with it.”
Tickets to the Hope Of Mother fundraising gala are $100 available online at
http://www.hopeofmother.org. The event begins at 8pm on August 26, 2009 at Ruby Skye. For more information on the event and organization, visit http://www.hopeofmother.org.

Tareq Azim, co-founder



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