The Third PLANET BATTLE features Bob Sapp

15 Sep

by ftxfactory (2009-09-15)

Uniting martial arts devotees and selected heavyweight champions from around the globe, PLANET BATTLE brings to Hong Kong a stunning and earth-shattering display of international kickboxing talent – combining power, technique and showmen\’s panache – in events that are light years ahead of fight entertainment anywhere in Asia.

Another high-octane demonstration of speed, force and agility will once again grace Hong Kong shores on October 7th, 2009, at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wanchai. Don\’t miss out on what will surely be an explosive, high-voltage tournament, where the best man wins and the rest fall by the wayside. ….


4 Man Heavweight Tournament GP:
– 2008 Champion Thor Hoopmann (from John
Wayne Parr\’s gym-Australia)

– Ramazan Ramazanov (Russia

– Shi Hongjiang (China)

– Ryu Takigawa (Japan)

Superfight of the night: Superstar Bob Sapp fighting Hong Kong\’s Champion Alain Ngalani! (openweight)

South Pacific Ladies Title fight: Joey BAM BAM Lee vs Teresa Wintermyr (55kg)

International Fight card :

Teelek \”Planet Battle Lightweight Champion 2009\” (Team Fairtex – Thailand) vs Liu Zhonghua (China/ Sanda national champion) 60kg

Mehdi Nejai (Belgium) vs Tony Chu (HK) 69kg
Mike Elko (US) vs Neon (HK) 69kg

Sodcheun Chuwatthana (Thailand) vs Sohanne Bengana (France) 55 kg

Ng King CHung (HK) vs Flip Street (Australia) 60kg

Tsang Hoi Kwan (HK) vs Liu Hao (China) 63kg

Phet Tanawat (Thailand) vs Zig Zach from \”The Contender\” (Singapour) 71kg

Gary Carter (UK) vs Ryan Mitchell (Australia) 75kg

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