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Mixed Martial Artiste Adrian Pang

29 Dec

by Hamish McKenzie (2009-12-29)

Article by Hamish McKenzie of Time Out Magazine

Slice of Life
Mixed martial artiste

Our writer puts his paltry body on the line against a world champion fighter

My face is far too close for comfort to a world champion mixed martial arts fighter’s testicles. Adrian ‘The Hunter’ Pang has my head in a leg lock, and he’s been wrestling me – it’d be wrong to say I’ve been wrestling back, so pathetic am I in his vise-like grip – for just a couple of minutes. But I’m already exhausted, I’m already bruised, and I’ve already been made to look like a flailing armless monkey in front of two colleagues, a PR girls, two trainers, another world-class fighter, and the two event organisers, all of whom are looking on with wide, satisfied grins.

In hindsight, I feel a little sheepish for asking the bulky Australian ahead of the tussle: “Are you ready for my fury?”

One could also argue, I suppose, that it was a less-than-wise idea to elbow him in the face.

Pang is what we in the fighting industry call “frightening.” At about 70kg each, we’re matched for weight, but you could say he has the slight advantage of being 98 per cent hard, sculpted muscle, while I’m 98 per cent pasty white beer fat. As well as being the Australasian lightweight MMA champion, he’s also the Australian champion in the lightweight division of cage fighting, and, most recently, he won the MMA lightweight world title in a fight that went for five rounds of five minutes each. “It was pretty gory, but I came out unscathed,” he tells me nonchalantly.

Pang, who is half Chinese, is here at a Central gym to promote Hong Kong’s first-ever MMA fighting championship, which features 18 fighters from Asia-Pacific and takes place at HITEC on Monday, January 11. The fight night is the initiative of two American chaps intent on
bringing MMA action to Hong Kong and Macau on a permanent basis. They recently formed a company called Legend and have been seeking out top MMA talent from around the region to bring the sport to our shores.

Pang is their prize draw. He grew up in Papua New Guinea, where he once caught a spear in the forearm after, he says, being caught up in
the fringes of a tribal skirmish (he has a massive scar to show for it), and moved to Australia as a boy. As a young man, he trained in martial arts in Mong Kok, but he now lives in Brisbane and juggles his fight training with his own cabinet-making business.

He says there’s a lot of strategy to MMA and holds up a Hong Kong legend as one of his heroes. “Once I saw MMA, I knew that was the
ultimate,” he says, pointing out that it cribs the best parts of all martial arts to form a style with no set style. ”Being a big fan of Bruce Lee, I
know that’s what he would have advocated.”

Meanwhile, I’ve gained the ascendancy in the fight, momentarily rolling over top of the not-really-hapless Pang while he lies strewn on the ground. For about 0.5 of a second.

“Victory!” I yell, as he swiftly flips me onto my back, tucks my elbow behind my ear, and folds my right leg in triple. All of sudden, my face is in that position again, just a tad too close to one pair of cold steel balls. Maybe I should take up cabinet making.

Legend Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship, HITEG, January 11, 2010. 3128 8288.
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Battle at the Beach Jan. 2, 2010

29 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-29)

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Battle at the Beach – Pattaya’s prime Muaythai event – is on again this year on 2 January.

Pieter Hoovers, the show’s moving force, says, “This is the big one.”

This year the WBC MUAYTHAI International Heavyweight Championship is on the line with Ricardo van den Boss from Holland fighting Faisal from Senegal. Faisal has over 200 fights under his belt!

The fight is at 8pm on Saturday, 2 January, at Mike’s Shopping Mall located between Beach Road and Second Road and between Central Pattaya and South Pattaya Roads.

Also on the card is Robbie Hageman. Robbie is Ramon Dekker’s biggest talent and he is fighting. Pet Nung Sit Or, who is a Thai champion from Lumpini stadium. Fight fans will be treated to a special night of excitement.

Muaythai Goes ELITE

29 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-29)

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Siam Paragon, Thailand’s premier lifestyle shopping complex will see a world class premier event, organised by Elite Boxing in cooperation with One Songchai Promotions, under the sanctioning of the World Muaythai Council.

The event is 6 months in the planning and will take muaythai to a new level with lights, sound and pure entertainment value.

One of Thailand’s top hip-hop bands “Thaitanium” has created a special theme song for the event, which will be televised on ESPN Star Sports and Fox Sport.

The event will feature Thailand’s famous Nonsai V Contender season 1 super star Dzhabar Askerov. Lumpinee Champ Nopparat will be challenged by Antoine Pinto from France. Kaoklai will be facing up with Erik Kosztanko from Slovakia and Thai super star Madsua will be challenged by TBA.

There will be a special female title fight between Thailand’s most beautiful female boxer ZAZA and Joey “Bam Bam” Lee from China.

Stay tuned for the January update, and this is an event not to be missed!

Japan’s Kunitaka KO’s Romie

28 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-28)

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Japan has won its first WBC MUAYTHAI International Title when courageous warrior Kunitaka Fujiwara shot down USA’s Romie Adaza in the super batamanweight championship at the King’s birthday event staged by promoter Dennis Warner at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino in Primm, NV, on 5 December.

Kunitaka won the title after being knocked down in the first round after Rommie used precision to deliver a sudden short, hard head punch.

The Japanese contender immediately got up and, abandoning any hesitancy, launched a sustained attack that had the Vegas crowd roaring. Kunitaka turned into a relentless 122-pound human wrecking ball. After rising from the canvass Kunitaka dominated the latter stages of the first round and went on command the contest with a barrage of Muaythai weapons that included hard elbow strikes from all directions lacerating and stamping several lumps on Romie’s head.

Kunitaka used his elbows in almost every exchange after the knockdown, and the fight was stopped in the fourth round due to a vertical laceration over Romie’s eye. To Romie’s credit he never gave up despite the damage inflicted on him.

The Japanese contender showed an aggression that gives him a chance of becoming the first undisputed WBC MUAYTHAI world champion.

In the main event Thai superstar Sitprapom Malaipet had little trouble dealing with James Cook to retain his WBC International Super Welterweight belt.

Malaipet totally eclipsed Cook but Cook had some good moments. Malaipet was right in the zone all night and made his Muaythai technique look easy much to delight of his many fans.

Kevin Ross proved too strong for Chike Lindsay winning the US Welterweight Title convincingly on points. Technically Ross had all the weapons to coast through the fight although to Chike’s credit he did fight back in the fifth round.

In another championship Chaz Mulkey KO-ed Bryce Krause in the first round to win the USA Super Welterweight Title in a contest many judged as the night’s best.

Shawn Yarborough totally dominated over Manson Gibson to win USA Light Heavyweight Title when Gibson did not answer the bell for the third round.

Pan American Muaythai Union (PAMU) Formed

23 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-23)

On December 2, 2009, the Presidents of each Muaythai Federations from USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, and Jamaica have come together to formed the Pan American Muaythai Union (PAMU) making Muaythai a step closer to an IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognition.The new organization is recognized by IFMA and inaugurated at the IFMA Annual General Assembly Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Carlos Camacho, President of CBMTT (Confederation of Brazil Muay Thai Tradition) is the President and Mr. Anthony Lin, President of USMF, is the Senior Vice President of PAMU.Others key Muaythai players within the PAMU included the like names of Mr. Mike Miles from Canada, Mr. Clifton Brown from Jamaica, etc.The PAMU will be based out of Brazil where the President presides.

The members of PAMU have agreed to hold its first PAMU Championships to select the top 8 athletes to represent PAMU countries at the SportAccord in Beijing, China in 2010.The agreed date for PAMU Championship is on March 19-21, 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

IFMA 2009 World Muaythai Championships Results

21 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-21)

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Over 1,500 athletes and officials traveled to Thailand to participate in the IFMA 2009 World Championships, held in honour of His Majesty the King’s 82nd Birthday.These athletes had a chance to compete for 11 direct entries to the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games, in which 13 world recognized martial arts will take part in this prestigious event.

The championships were held at The Mall Ngamwongwan where the fights took place daily, from 14.00 – 21.00 hrs.Besides the competitions, there were also the Muaythai Expo and Gala Dinner, leading up to the finals on December 5th which coincided with His Majesty the King’s Birthday.The finals were televised in over 180 countries with over 300,000 live audiences.

World Cup 2009 Results from IFMA

Congratulations to all Team USA winners and participants!

Jason Andrada – Bronze – Male Featherweight
Eric Alejandro Luna – Gold – Male Light Welterweight
Daniel Kim – Bronze – Male Middleweight
Andles Salas – Silver – Male Heavyweight

Gillberry Santiago Guido – Bronze – Female Flyweight
Miriam Nakamoto – Gold – Female Light Welterweight
Miriam Nakamoto also won the Best Female Fighter Award

Roel Alvarado – Bronze – Junior Male Bantamweight

IFMA Friendship Gala Cruise

21 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-21)

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The growing popularity and success of muaythai was celebrated on a Friendship Gala Cruise, which had been organised by the World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur. The dinner cruise took place against the beautiful setting of the Chao Praya river, Wat Pra Kaew and Wat Arun where over 700 people from 90 countries followed the invitation as it was also the Muaythai Awards Night, presented by the President of the WMC General Chetta Thanajaro, the President of IFMA Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan. The evening’s program was hosted by Thai TV celebrity Sai and Stephan Fox, IFMA General Secretary.

This year’s Humanitarian Awards went to the Jamaican Muaythai Federation and RISARC for their under privileged school programs and for donating over 3,000 computers to schools in the Caribbean.

Blackhawk World Entertainment was honoured for organising the qualification rounds and the King’s Cup Challenge.

The Singapore Muaythai Accosiation was honoured for the hard ground work towards making The Contender Asia Season 1 a huge success.

All international referees were also been honoured for their hard work and for keeping the sport fair and safe.

TCC Thailand in Pattaya is on! Jan. 7th, 2010

21 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-21)

7th January 2010 – The Champions Club Thailand 2010 Fairtex Stadium Pattaya,
Thailand – “There can only be “1-KING”!

International fighters Zidov Akuma, Stephen Meikle, Vlado Konsky and Nemat
Bobumuhamedov from Uzbekistan battle it out in an international 70kg Max
“1-KING” 4-Man WMC Muaythai Tournament to get the Muaythai New Year off with
a bang! Who will be the first “1-KING” TCC Thailand Champion 2010? Come to
Pattaya January 7th and find out.

Young and upcoming international Muaythai fighter, shooting star Frenchman
Sohanne Bengana will be fighting the talented Belarussian Igor Kulomovich
and a few surprises from top gyms around Thailand are all carded to fight at
the famous Fairtex Stadium in Pattaya on January 7th 2010. A full Thai vs
Thai undercard completes the programme.

TCC Thailand also sets the stage for a historic Muaythai Superfight for the
legendary Nung Ubon Sitlerchai. For those who dont know the history books so
well, something special for sure… Nung Ubon has a fight record of +250
fights, held a 4 year unbeaten record in Thailand and 4 Major Stadium belts.
Just ask a taxi driver next time you are in Bangkok, he will tell you more!
The Champions Club Thailand welcomes a true Champion and one of the nicest
guys in Muaythai to the Pattaya show.

Join us for the TCC Thailand premiere event as the stage is set for a great
night of international Muaythai. For more information on The Champions Club
and upcoming international events, please visit our website at To watch highlights from The Champions Club
events please visit

Smith TKO’ed Le, Melendez Reclaims Title and Crispim Victorious!

20 Dec

by Sherdog & photos by Dave Mandel (2009-12-20)

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Add Cung Le to a growing list of Scott Smith comeback victims.

Smith picked himself up off the canvas time and again, absorbed every imaginable kind of spinning kick and scored a dramatic come-from-behind technical knockout against the previously undefeated Le in the Strikeforce “Evolution” main event on Saturday at the HP Pavilion. The end came 3:25 into round three.

Smith had no foothold for two and a half rounds, as Le, the hometown favorite, picked his shots and landed at will until he ran out of gas.

“That was so much fun,” Smith said. “That’s how I like to fight. I’ve got a hard head. He beat on me for a good two and a half rounds. I’m never out of a fight, you guys; that’s why I’m fun to watch. I know I may not be in line for the belt. I just want these tough fights.”

Smith scored the decisive blow when he faked a right hand and connected with a crushing left hook that buckled the former middleweight champion. Smith continued the assault, and, as Le tried to regain his wits, he landed a right hand that put the San Shou master on the floor. From there, the finish was academic, as the UFC veteran riddled Le with punches until referee “Big” John McCarthy came to the rescue.

“He caught me with a punch,” said Le, whose first appearance in 21 months ended in failure. “He was the better man tonight. I fought my heart out; he fought his heart out. You win some; you lose some. I did my best.”

Melendez Captures Crown in Epic Rematch

Gilbert Melendez ended his 18-month exile from the Strikeforce lightweight throne with a dominating five-round decision over Josh Thomson, the man who ousted last year, in a clear contender for “Fight of the Year.” Scores were 49-47, 49-46 and 49-46.

“It feels great,” Melendez said. “I just wanted to perform better than I did last time. Josh, hands down, is the toughest guy I’ve ever fought, the toughest matchup for me, maybe the toughest match I’ll ever have.”

Melendez was a heavy favorite when the two former sparring partners hooked up for the first time in 2008, but Thomson pulled off the upset and pitched a shutout in the process.

The second encounter told quite a different story, as Melendez outstruck Thomson, a trick he was unable to turn last year. The difference this time was Melendez’s ability to beat Thomson to the punch. He consistently landed when the two exchanged and dropped Thomson in the second and fifth rounds.

There were a number of brilliant exchanges throughout the fight, but Melendez found the mark at a higher clip. Thomson started quickly and appeared to win the first round, but from there, Melendez piled up the points and held an insurmountable lead going into the final round.

Knowing he was staring a loss in the face, Thomson came out aggressively to begin the championship round. He chased down Melendez and battered him with punches. The challenger did not back down, however, and fired back with winging shots of his own. The two took a quick breather before re-engaging, but Melendez seized the upper hand with a straight right that put Thomson down for the second time.

The champion did not relent, and, as the two locked up in a clinch along the cage, Thomson threw Melendez to the mat with a body-lock and landed in mount. He tried to transition to his opponent’s back, but Melendez scrambled to his feet, as the last gasp went out of Thomson’s comeback attempt.

“The reason why Gilbert beat me tonight [was] he was the better fighter,” said Thomson, who, because of injury, had not competed in 15 months. “I don’t want people making excuses. He had a [expletive] wonderful fight.”

Alexander Crispim was victorious over AJ Fonseca via unanimous decisions.

CONGRATS to Scott Smith, Gilbert Melendez and Alexander Crispim for their wins!

Jenna Castillo Wins Kung Fu Magazine’s Ninja Star Contest

18 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-18)

See the Ninja Star 2009 votes and discussion here.

Jenna will be featured in the article “Jenna Castillo Defends Two Belts in Two Weeks” by Gene Ching in Kungfu Magazine’s 2010 January/February issue.

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