IFMA 2009 World Muaythai Championships Results

21 Dec

by FTX (2009-12-21)

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Over 1,500 athletes and officials traveled to Thailand to participate in the IFMA 2009 World Championships, held in honour of His Majesty the King’s 82nd Birthday.These athletes had a chance to compete for 11 direct entries to the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games, in which 13 world recognized martial arts will take part in this prestigious event.

The championships were held at The Mall Ngamwongwan where the fights took place daily, from 14.00 – 21.00 hrs.Besides the competitions, there were also the Muaythai Expo and Gala Dinner, leading up to the finals on December 5th which coincided with His Majesty the King’s Birthday.The finals were televised in over 180 countries with over 300,000 live audiences.

World Cup 2009 Results from IFMA

Congratulations to all Team USA winners and participants!

Jason Andrada – Bronze – Male Featherweight
Eric Alejandro Luna – Gold – Male Light Welterweight
Daniel Kim – Bronze – Male Middleweight
Andles Salas – Silver – Male Heavyweight

Gillberry Santiago Guido – Bronze – Female Flyweight
Miriam Nakamoto – Gold – Female Light Welterweight
Miriam Nakamoto also won the Best Female Fighter Award

Roel Alvarado – Bronze – Junior Male Bantamweight

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