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Kyle Noke On Ultimate Fighter 11

28 Jan

by (2010-01-28) has recently been able to confirm that Kyle Noke is expected to take part in the upcoming eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter through several sources close to the situation. Noke is an Australian born fighter that currently trains out of Greg Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an EliteXC veteran and former Xtreme Fighting Championship middleweight champion with a career record of 16-4 with one draw. Kyle holds previous notable wins over the likes of George Sotiropoulos and Kyacey Uscola, with the sole draw in his career coming against the highly regarded Hector Lombard.

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Travel Channel Hits Bangplee

28 Jan

by FTX (2010-01-28)

American television host Samantha Brown, notable for her work as the host of several Travel Channel shows including, Girl Meets Hawaii, Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, Great Weekends, and Passport to China recently came out to Fairtex Bangplee.Sam and her film crew dropped in to film a segment for her new upcoming series Samantha Brown’s
Asia: Thailand.This part of the filming was to cover Thailand’s national sport Muaythai at one of the most respected institutions.

Sam got the opportunity to learn the “Art of the Eight Limbs” with 20th century’s top fighter Apidej Sit-Hirun.Sam stood toe to toe with Apidej as he called out the basic techniques for Sam to try.To much of Apidej’s delight Samantha quickly picked up some of the kicking techniques.

After a hard training session, a worn out Sam and her crew packed up and headed out to their next filming segment, which was to cover the great street food culture of Bangkok. This looks to be an entertaining show, so be sure to check back to for its debut to television.

Adrian Pang Article Sunday Morning Post Hong Kong

27 Jan

by Sunday Morning Post Hong Kong (2010-01-27)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Adrian “The Hunter” Pang-is reluctant to remove his sun–glasses. “I don’t want to scare anyone,” the reigning Australian lightweight champion explains. Pang recently headlined the Legend Fighting Championship,Hong Kong’s first MMA event, with Nam Yui-chul from Korea,”Nam landed some good shots early that swelled my eye up.” Pang might have managed to hide most of the bruising on his face but a large scar on his forearm – from a spear wound sustained during a “friendly”childhood skirmish – warrants further inspection.

Pang, 29, is second-generation Chinese-Papua New Guinean on his father’s side and Australian on his mother’s, His Chinese great grandparents migrated to Papua New Guinea as traders. “I grew up half an hour from Kokopo town, near the former capital of Rabaul [in East New Britain province], My father owned and ran a general store selling dried goods,rice, meats,materials and petrol to the natives. We lived in our shop right on the beach and there was not any other Chinese or white community around, “The only one who really knows[about Pang’s roots in China] is my grandmother. We are really close but I think she went through quite a bit of hardship during the second world war and there are things she wants to shut out We’ve tried to ask her what province we come from but she won’t say, “My first language was Tok Pisin [pidgin], which is spoken throughout Papua New Guinea; but then there are over 800 tribes, languages and dialects. Geographically, it would be like people [in Causeway Bay] speaking a different language to those in Admiralty, and constantly fighting each other. Tribes have a pay-back system where whatever ill you do, there’s always a retaliation; that’s the way it’s always been. “We were lucky in that the Tolai people in my area were gentle. But they still fought [in accordance with] old customs.

My [younger] brother and I had a great childhood; we grew up the way [my father] did -not babied too much and learning to be independent very young. For playtime, my father would send us out to the bush to invent our own fun – we’d make huts or spears. When you hang with native kids, everything is about survival. “In 1994, the eruptions of volcanoes Tavurvur and Vulcano destroyed Rabaul and the provincial capital was relocated to Kokopo. It was around that time that Pang flew to Brisbane, Australia, to train in martial arts. ”I’d always been partial to kung fu because of my Chinese heritage; and I can’t remember the time in my life before [I watched]Bruce Lee films.”Pang chose to specialise in the Chow Gar Tong Long (southern praying mantis) style of kung fu and, in 1998, was brought to Hong Kong to train with sifo Yip Shui (1912-2004).”We lived at the master’s house in Kowloon and every morning, we’d get up and train on the rooftop.”Pang switched to MMA fighting in 2000. “What Bruce Lee believed is what they are teaching now – that no one school of kung fu is exactly right for anyone. He believed in adapting and choosing the best elements in each discipline to create your own style.

“Married and settled in Brisbane with a 10-month-old son, Pang fights less often these days. He runs his own carpentry business and visits his father, who now lives in Port Moresby,as often as he can. “Back home, they consider me New Guinean. I’m in the newspapers all the time – they love contact sport. Because it’s a third world country and -gets a lot of bad press, they are glad [to]have someone lifting their name.”

New Fairtex Backpacks Launch Today!

15 Jan

by FTX (2010-01-15)

Our heavy-duty Backpack is made of tough rip-stop nylon material. This bag features a large main compartment, a large front compartment, an ipod pocket, exterior mesh pockets and much more. The bag is screen-printed with Fairtex logos and the “Be Inspired” slogan.

The Nike Field Report: Love at First Punch

15 Jan

by AshleyCeaser (2010-01-15)

Looks can be deceiving. And this is definitely true of Amber Pope. While she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, she is also one of the toughest. Aside from her day job, Amber is a Muay Thai fighter.

While Amber has an unmatched passion for fighting now, Muay Thai was not originally something she wanted to do. In fact, the journey started as a way to help her lose weight when she signed up a cardio kickboxing class at a local martial arts school. But, while the work out began giving her results, she had to relocate; hence, she had to quit. After finding a new gym and discovering an interest in Krav Maga (the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Force) and other combat sports, she decided to give Muay Thai a try after seeing a fight in Vegas in February 2008. It was love at first punch. Amber immediately began training and conditioning. Then, in June 2008, four months later, her coach had booked her first fight.

Now, with less than a year’s worth of experience in the sport and fresh off of an International Kickboxing Federation Light Welterweight Championship, Amber is preparing to head to Thailand to compete for the World Championship Title in a couple weeks. She, along with 20 other men and women from all over the country, will come together to form Team USA, and compete against 120 other countries. And because Muay Thai has not been recognized as an official Summer Games sport yet, this will be the most prestigious title that can be achieved in the sport.

And if anyone is interested into trying out Muay Thai or another form of mixed martial arts, Amber recommends starting by visiting your local martial arts academies to find one you are most comfortable with. Because of all the different types of coaches and styles (and not to mention hours of training per week), it is important to find a trainer that understands you, and you enjoy working with; otherwise, it can be hard to stay dedicated. And who knows? You might find yourself heading to Thailand one day too.

The Ferris Files: A Special Thanks to the Dojos

14 Jan

by David Ferris (2010-01-14)

On the occasion of Christmas, I extend a thank you to some of the peoplewho helped make 2009 active and memorable. Specifically, I’d like to acknowledge the dojos who offered their time and expertise for “Fighting to Keep Fit,” a story I wrote in the current issue of Men’s Journal.

Word counts are tight in magazines these days, and Men’s Journal didn’t have the space to acknowledge all of the gyms and masters who offered their time and facilities for this story.

Without further ado, I give the following dojos a respectful nod.

Krav Maga: special thanks to Idaho ATA Martial Arts in Boise, where I sweated through front kicks to a soundtrack of Metallica, and to the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, where Woody Mosqueda taught mehow to defend against an attack with a bottle, and Everest Pepper showed me the fundamentals of stripping a man of his gun.

Tae Kwon Do: A heartfelt thanks goes to Master Kim’s Martial Arts Academy in Sunnyvale, CA, and to Master Kim himself, whose most effective instruction was making me sit in his office for more than anhour as he explained, with great passion, how discipline and honor lie at the heart of martial arts.

Muay Thai Kickboxing: Thanks to Fairtex in San Francisco, where I learned to move on my toes, and to Fight and Fitness, also in San Francisco, where I enjoyed talking about the sport with Rocky at the front desk, and where Bunkherd Faphimal taught me a mean roundhouse kick though I couldn’t understand a word he said.

Karate: Thanks to Prodigy Martial Arts in Los Altos, CA, and especially to Dragon Bushido Dojo in Boise, ID, where Renshi Pon Inthathirath led me through my first kata and where I barked out one of those karate yells the way one is supposed to, from the diaphragm.

Mixed Martial Arts: The most eloquent, thoughtful explanation I ever gotof mixed martial arts came from Alan Pagle at Modern Combatives in Berkeley, CA. Thanks also to Nakapan Phungepham at Beta Academy in Washington, D.C., for allowing me a week’s access to his classes in the church basement.

Eduardo Fraga squeezes me in a Mata Leon (“kill the lion”), cutting off the blood supply to my brain.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Eduardo Fraga at Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Berkeley, CA explained and also demonstrated some of the geometrically challenging moves that make BJJ such a ruthlessly effective art, and also complied with my odd journalists’ request for three Mata Leon in a row. I think I’ve recovered by now, Eduardo!

Chad Mendes

14 Jan

by FIGHT! & MMA Inc. (2010-01-14)

Chad Mendes
Professional Record:5-0
Key Victories: Art Arciega and Mike Joy

Continuing in the path of fellow college wrestling stars, Chad Mendes is making the successful transition from the world of NCAA wrestling to the world of mixed martial arts as the sport continues to deepen with talent and endless opportunities that once were non-existent for college wrestling standouts.

Mendes started wrestling in the early years of his youth, quickly taking a knack for the sport and becoming a talented prospect at Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo.He became one of the top wrestlers in the nation by the end of his senior year.IN his final year at Cal Poly, Mendes was one of the few wrestlers to end his season with an unblemished record, finishing with a record of 23-0 as a 141-pound wrestler.Mendes tore his way through the NCAA tournament that year and ended up as the runner-up.His other accolades include being a two-time Pac-10 champion, the 2008 Pac-10 Wrestler of the Year, and a two-time NCAA Wrestling All-American.

Once he finished school, Mendes packed his bags and drove up to Sacramento, California, where he joined up with friend Urijah Faber at Ultimate Fitness to begin training for a transition to mixed martial arts with Team Alpha Male.He picked up the sport quickly and made his mixed martial arts debut at Palace Fighting Championships 10, where he took on local fighter Giovanni Encarnacion.Mendes immediately took the fight to the ground and dropped some strikes before latching on to Encarnacion’s back, sinking in a rear naked choke for the win.

Mendes has gone on to keep his perfect record intact, finishing Leland Gridley with strikes, winning a convincing decision over former PFC Featherweight champion Art Arciniega, and knocking out Steven Siler.Mendes proved he is the real deal in his last fight, as he took on WEC veteran Mike Joy at the inaugural Taichi Palace Fights, dominating from start to finish.He put Joy on his back and unleashed a relentless ground-and-pound attack en route to a comfortable unanimous decision.

One of the best prospects in mixed martial arts today, it will only be a matter of time before Mendes is seen fighting for Dream in Japan or World Extreme Cagefighting in the United States.

War of the Heroes 5

7 Jan

by (2010-02-05)

San Francisco – January 2010
Saturday, March 6th 2010 USMF and XFight Promotions will be kicking off their first event of the year with their second Hybrid event (Muaythai and MMA). The card includes UFC/WEC veteran Tim McKenzie vs. Brian Warren out of Southern California.Pro MMA bouts also include Chris Moore of Fairtex vs. Florencio Sinogui out of LA Boxing/Maesh.

Our Pro Muay Thai bout features Ryan Roy of Fairtex vs. Nathan Bagby from New World Combat in Texas. Long overdue…the Bay Area’s own beauty Jenna Castillo will be fighting Melanie Kosher-Edward out of Salt Lake City Utah.

Also on the card:

Eric Luna – Ricardo Martinez – Gabe Carrasco – Tyler Cronin – Amber Goodwin – Liezel Warford – Daniel Marchbanks – Podar Duarte – Vincent Urruty – Jeremy Leslie – Laurence Ward – Hector Cortez – Brooks Hurd – Philip Jucuban – Matt King – Nick Thompson – Jimmy Chung – Diego Cuenca – Christie Cheekets – Shalan Leimpeter – Ray Hov – Andrew Moy – Quincy Shamon – Matt Lucas – Art Taradejna – Ivan Guererro – Jessie Gillespie – Amber Pope – Caley Scott

Tickets: $35 General Admission – $55 Ringside

Tickets are available through 1.888.VBO.8858
or at any of the following locations:

Fairtex San Francisco – Fairtex Mountain View – Academy of Self Defense – FSA –
Unlimited Kickboxing – Combat Sports Academy – Maesh – AKA – ASD – Gym 445 – Pacific Ring – Combat Fitness – LA Boxing (San Bruno)

War of the Heroes 5

Saturday, March 6th 2010

Doors open at 5:00 pm.First bout at 6:00 pm.

Santa Clara Convention Center – Next to the Hyatt Regency

5001 Great America Parkway – Santa Clara, CA 94054

Free Parking

* Card Subject to Change, No Refunds, For more information visit:

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