Integrated MMA/Fairtex Clean Sweep Glory MMA

1 Jun

Mick Mort
The newest MMA Event in Australia, Glory MMA held its inaugural event last Sat night at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in front of a packed house of eager MMA supporters.

Headlining the event was Michael “MICK” Mortimer from the highly respected Integrated MMA/Fairtex gym in Brisbane. His opponent, Brazillian Renato Vieira was a rematch to a highly contested first enconter on Staunch Cage Wars 1 which saw Mortimer victorious in the last round due to cuts.

There was much talk on how Vieira had greatly improved his game in the 2 years since they had last met. Mortimer had obviously also improved markedly opening the exchanges with pinpoint striking which saw his Brazillian opponent dropped to the canvas. Mortimer let his downed opponent stand back to his feet and immediately pounced with a second barrage that continued on the ground as his opponent went down again bringing the TKO stoppage within the first minute of their fight.

It was a good night for Integrated MMA/Fairtex with Integrated’s Light HEavyweight Chris Lokteff KO’ing the more experienced Aaron Dyett, James Gwynne winning with TKO stoppage due to ground and pound strikes and “YOUNG GUN” 16 year old Tyler Manowaroa recovering after an early knockdown to defeat his opponent with strikes from the mounted position in the second round.

With Integrated MMA/Fairtex winning 4 from 4 on the night the team had reason to celebrate their success and now look forward to this Friday night on CFC 17 as no.1 fighter Adrian “THE HUNTER” Pang looks to defeat WEC and Elite XC veteran Muhsin Corbbrey from the USA who has been training in Thailand with Ray Elbe.

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