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Thai Fight Extreme Hong Kong

28 Jul

Thai Fight Poster
Inspired by the King of Thailand, funded by the Thai government and chaired by the former Deputy Prime Minister “Suwat,” Thai Fight was founded in 2010 with the mission to promote the ancient martial art of “Muay Thai.” “Thai Fight” will introduce Muay Thai boxing to the world. Its goal is to promote in other countries the exciting and nonstop action of Muay Thai art and to show its greatness by bringing in the best last generation of Muay Thai fighters such as Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Saiyoke and Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex to compete with top foreign Muay Thai fighters worldwide. This event is held under the name of “Thai Fight Extreme.”

“Thai Fight Extreme – Hong Kong” was held on Sunday, July 17, 2011 in Asiaworld Arena Hong Kong and was broadcast live on Thai TV Channel 3 in Thailand and globally through pay-per-view. This event features Thailand’s best fighters such as Sudsakorn Sorklinmee, Buakaw Por Pramuk and Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex.

Fairtex’s very own and Thai Fight’s Superstar, Yodsanklai fought against a taller and heavier fighter, Karim Ghajji from Marocco. From the early round, Karim was able to utilize his size and speed to land some shots to Yodsanklai but Yodsanklai would counter back with either a kick or a punch making round one even. It wasn’t until round two that Yodsanklai started to dominate as he hurt Karim with his powerful kicks and punches. Round three was apparent that Yodsanklai would take this fight as he dominated Karim. Yodsanklai wins via unanimous decision.

Fairtex’s Gilmar China Sales fighting out of Fairtex Brazil/USA fought against Thai Fight’s Superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk on the co-main event. From round one, Buakaw would attack Gilmar with kicks and punches where Gilmar was able to counter and land some punches and kicks but was dominated by Buakaw. In round 2, Buakaw was able to kick and knee at will as Gilmar was hurt from earlier round from the spinning elbow to the forehead. Gilmar received a standing 8 count for the unanswered attacks. In round 3, Buakaw started the attack by kicking at Gilmar but as timing would have it, Gilmar was able to counter kick and popped Buakaw’s left knee cap. To Buakaw’s champion heart and will, he continued the attack and was trying to knock Gilmar down. To Gilmar’s credit, he refused to go down and fought to the end. Twice Buakaw tried to throw Gilmar to the mats where Gilmar would grapple Buakaw and land on his knees instead of on the canvas. Buakaw wins via unanimous decision.

Daniel “The Ambassador” Kim of Fairtex USA was scheduled to fight a French fighter but the fight was cancelled when the Frenchman dropped out the last minute.

Daniel Kim and Gilmar China Sales were accompanied by head coach, Apiwat “Nueng” Fairtex (a.k.a. Anawat Songmanee, the son of the living legend “The Best Muaythai Figther of the Century” and “The Best Muaythai Kicker of the Century, and The Man of Seven Championships,” Ajarn Apidej Sit-Hirun, a title given by the authority King of Thailand) and Anthony Lin, President and CEO of Fairtex. Also present was Mr. Wong, Chairman and Founder of Fairtex, Prem Wong who now manages Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex and other Fairtex family members.

Fairtex is one of the official sponsors of Thai Fight.

Other fight bouts include:
Egon Racz (Slovainia) vs Sudsakorn Sorklinmee (Thailand) 67 kg
Karim Ghajji (Marocco) vs Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex (Thailand) 73 kg
Fabio Pinca (France) vs Wang WEI (China) 67 kg
Gilmar China Sales (Brazil) vs Buakaw Por Pramuk (Thailand) 70 kg
Mourad Zradni (Algeria) vs Heung Pak Wing (China) 70 kg
Ibrahim Chiahou (Marocco) vs Yamasaki Yoichi (Japan) 70 kg
James Kaoumi (Côte d’Ivoire) vs Matsumoto Toshio (Japan) 95 kg
Leo Kenya vs Ekapol (Thailand) 65 kg

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Sung Ming Yen Wins At Legend FC5

21 Jul

Sung Ming Yen Wins At legend FC5
With a sellout crowd in attendance at City of Dreams, Legend’s first Macau event showcased 18 of the Asia-Pacific’s most elite MMA fighters putting on an unforgettable night of combat sports entertainment. It will continue to be available on US and Canadian Pay-Per-View during the coming week, and will be available on TV in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore later this month.
Sung Ming Yen Wins At Legend FC5
Sung Ming-Yen (Chinese Taipei) vs. Vincent Siu (Hong Kong)
While both fighters appeared evenly matched on their feet, Siu’s limited experience on the ground soon became apparent. Recognizing this weakness, Sung quickly took the fight to the ground, where he was able to establish the mount and begin raining down punches upon his helpless opponent. When Siu gave his back in an attempt to escape the punishment, Sung wasted no time in sinking in a rear naked choke, forcing the tap at 1:49 of Round 1.
Sung Ming Yes Wins At Legend FC5
Sung Ming Yen Wins At Legend FC5
Legend FC5 is Fairtex sponsored MMA event and was held on July 16th at the City of Dream, Macau. For more information about Legend FC, please check

Oh Snap! Carter’s Back!

19 Jul

Carter Williams and Ganyao Fairtex
A re-dedicated Carter Williams has just returned from Romania with a TKO victory at Super Kombat. Carter committed himself to training with Ganyao Fairtex in preparation for this fight, and it has paid off. Carter defeated Marian Lordan by TKO in round 3. It was several thunderous leg kicks by Carter Williams that chopped down Lordan, and brought home the gold cup. Carter is already back in California training with Ganyao for his next bout. We expect to see Carter in action several more times before the end of the year. From everyone at Fairtex, Congratulations Carter!

Fairtex Thailand BJJ Tournament In August

18 Jul

Fairtex No-Gi BJJ Festival
Fairtex will hold it’s first ever No-Gi BJJ Tournament in Thailand on August 21st, at the Fairtex Bangplee camp. This inaugural tournament will focus on Beginner and Intermediate level competitors. More details to be announced soon. For more information check,

Watch Shark Fights 17 Tonight On HDNet And Fuel TV

14 Jul

Shark Fights 17 Poster
Watch Fairtex Sponsored Shark Fights 17 tonight on HDNet, and Fuel TV. Visit for more details!

Russia Fight Nights – Powered By Fairtex

13 Jul

Fight Nights, the professional Kickboxing and MMA promotion in Moscow held one of its most prestigious events to date on July 7th. International Martial Arts Superstar Steven Seagal was in attendance to watch some of the top talent in Russia compete on Moscow’s biggest stage. Fairtex has become a fixture in the Mixed Martial Arts scene in Russia over the past few years, and we continue to be excited by the high level athletes competing there. Check out the top Russian prospects powered by Fairtex. For more information visit,

Friday Night Fights Brings Back The Original 8-Man Tournament!

11 Jul

Friday Night Fights Brings Back The Original 8-Man Tournament!
On Friday July 22nd – Friday Night Fights, returns to the 8 man tournament format with the appropriately named: 8-to-1 Tournament. This will mark the 3rd time that the Friday Night Fights has utilized the
tournament format since starting it in 2008.

This July’s tournament, like the original one will be held at 154lbs. In 2009 Friday Night Fights held the tournament at 140lbs and chose not to run the tournament in 2010.

In Friday Night Fights tradition, participants will be from throughout the entire country. FNF Promoter, Justin Blair said “When we started producing the 8 man tournament in New York we knew we were breaking new ground. Our commitment to providing our fans with the best possible fights required us
to go far and wide to bring the best we could to compete on (both of) our tournaments and this one is no different. We have fighters from Canada & throughout the US”. When asked about including West Coast
fighters in the tournament, Blair added “We’ve inquired with a few but many seemed to be ‘unavailable’ however we hope to have that region represented as there is such a strong base of Muay Thai there”. Participants include Hiro Perera (Washington, DC), Phillip LeGrand (Brooklyn, NY), Mike
Dougherty (Ottawa, Canada), Diarmade McGregor (Boston, MA) with the remaining four fighter’s names to be released in the next 10 days.

The card will also include several super bouts including the long awaited match between Alex Berrios vs Rigel Balsamico amongst them.
Berrios vs. Balsamico
What: 8-1 – The Friday Night Fights 8 man tournament!
When: Friday July 22nd, First bell at 7:30pm (rain date Friday August 5th)
Where: Broad Street Ballroom. 41 Broad Street (Between Beaver & Exchange)
Who: Top Muay Thai fighters from the US, Canada & beyond.
More info: for more information please check out

DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia Bangkok

8 Jul

DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia
DARE 1/11 is the launching event of the first professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Championship in Thailand, where the fights are fought in a cage and regulated according to the rules of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

The event was held on June 25th, 2011. at Club Insomnia, Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok, Thailand. The event included 2 Thai fighters to attract Thai crowd and in order to enlarge the fan-based in Thailand. Other fighters come from local gym such as Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket Top Team, 301 gym, boxer rebellion and gyms in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, USA.

Fairtex has been chosen to be the official gloves and equipments for DARE.

For more informations about DARE, please check

More Photos At
DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia
DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia
DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia
DARE 1/11 at Club Insomnia

Elliot Wins!

5 Jul

Fairtex sponsored fighter Elliot Compton, a frequent guest at Fairtex Banglplee, has just won the WMC Junior Welterweight Title. Elliot secured victory in the first round with an upward elbow that opened a huge cut on his opponent’s head. The ringside doctor called a stop to the fight due to the size cut. From everyone at Fairtex, Congratulations Elliot!

Fairtex 4th Of July Weekend Sale!

1 Jul

Fairtex 4th Of July Sale.
Fairtex 4th Of July Weekend Sale Starts Now! Enter coupon code JULY4 at check out to get 30% off all apparel, all weekend long!

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