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Pure Pankration At 1015 Folsom

28 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-28)

On July 16th Mixed Elements, in association with Fairtex and FDM, presented Pure Pankration at the world famous 1015 Folsom nightclub in San Francisco. It was a packed house, for a night of great Pankration fights. It was a fight club meets the night club party that showcased some of the Bay Areas best up and coming talent. There were 14 bouts, 3 bars, and a ton of well behaved fight fans taking in a great night of action. Everything went perfect for the inagural event, and we are looking forward to the 2nd installment of Pure Pankration on August 20th at 1015 Folsom. Check out the photos that follow, and make sure to join us on August 2oth. Pure Pankration truly is the best of the Bay Area underground MMA scene.

Adrian Pang Interview

21 Jul

by (2009-07-21)

Q: Your last opponent was Denis Kelly; can you tell us about that
A: That was my 2nd fight at 70kg & i felt alot more comfortable at
that weight than my first 70kg fight Vs Bernado Trekko. I had a year of inactivity after running out of opponents at 65kg prior to fighting
Trekko so I decided to make the step up in weight and fight the best
guys at 70kg which has given me new goals to work towards.
Q: Did you do anything special to prepare for that fight?
A: Training basically went the same. This time round Ive cleaned my
diet up even more & eating more regularly in order to maintain and
build on my lean muscle mass while dieting. As for the training, well
you would need to come down to IMA in Brisbane to see for yourself
what we put each other through to ensure we are prepared to face
anything our opponents have in store for us.
Q: On July 11th you are fighting Rob Hill for the CFC Lightweight Title on the Gold Coast; can you tell us what you know about Rob?
A: I know Rob is a tough/aggressive fighter & very confident. I will
be looking forward to seeing him in the cage & seeing how our styles
match up!.
Q: What are you doing to prepare for this particular fight?
A: If anything i feel Rob & I may have similar styles so it will be
great for the crowd to see us going at it. It will be very exciting
for everyone to see who comes out the victor in this fight!.. 5 x 5
min rnds will be very interesting and something Im looking forward to
if we reach that stage of the fight. Also i hear there is a new UFC
game out on X box so i will be sure to study a few new moves that I
can surprise Rob with in this fight also! hahahaa
Q: How do you anticipate this fight to go and what’s your prediction
on the out come of this fight?
A: I am sure this will be a war. Any of you that know me would know i
don’t like to talk it up or talk my opponents down. I have full
respect for all my opponents & just enjoy getting in the Cage & giving
110%. When you fight like that you gain respect regardless of the
result. Its proven to be a work ethic that has brought me many more
wins than losses so I’ll be sticking with it.
Q: You are fighting in QLD in front of a home town crowd will this
have any effect on the out come? How does it feel to once again be
fighting in QLD?
A: It will be great to fight in front of my home town again as it has
been a number of years now. Most fighters and supporters know me in
QLD but fighting down in Sydney it was like I was starting over again,
nobody knew too much about me unless they were already a keen MMA fan
and followed the scene Nation wide.
Q: You have moved up from 65kg to 70kg; one weight division and are
now fighting for the title, has there been many changes in the way you
fight? Do you feel comfortable at this weight?
A: My whole career has been fought at 65kg so initially it was an
adjustment getting used to the weight & i felt a little sluggish but
most of that was due to the fact i had a year with no fights. I Won a
high profile fight on the Cage Force event in Japan which was supposed
to secure me a spot in the tournament where the winner got an
opportunity to fight in the UFC or WEC. Dates & opponents were set
then for some reason my fight was cancelled. Team IMA can only guess
there was either too many hands in the purse or too much unsorted
business before Mr Pang got his opportunity hahahhaaaa.
Q: Do you have any sponsors you would like to thank?
A: Would like to thank Fairtex. They have been with me and Team IMA
for most of my career now & have supported me all the way. They are
like a second family to us in Thailand and are very much part of our
gym in Australia. Also I would like to thank All Type Cabinets for all
there work in helping out the gym & fighters, Vital Strength
Supplements, MMA Sports Magazine for advertising our gym and also VAS and Fairtex
for sponsoring me for this fight.
Thanks to my Coach Dan Higgins, Manager Tony Green and also Steve
Compton and Nugget McNaught for their added help with my standup
training. Thank you also to all the fight fans out there who support Aussie MMA

Muay Thai Fight Night – July 31st

21 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-21)

On July 31st the Raddison Sacramento hosts an impressive line up of live Muay Thai bouts.Top to bottom, the card features some of the top Muay Thai talent from northern California.
In the main event, Fairtex’s Nathan Willet faces of against Thonglor Armetsena from Thailand.Tickets for this event are available at many gym locations includig Ultimate Fitnes in Sacramento, and the Fairtex gyms in San Francisco and Mountain View.

Muaythai Super Fights Coming To Las Vegas

20 Jul

by (2009-07-20)

England’s Muaythai sensation Rich Fenwick will defend his WBC International Superwelterweight title in a rematch against Thailand’s expat hotshot Malaipet in the Las Vegas Hilton on 25 July.
Fenwick stunned the United States when beat Malaipet in a close points decision in California and the showdown in Vegas has attracted enormous attention from Muaythai fans worldwide.
On the same card China’s Muaythai superstar Kang En will defend his Super Lightweight International championship against the popular Vegas glamour fighter Kevin Ross. Kang En won the title from Ross in an historic Muaythai championship event in Beijing early this year. Little separated the two fighters is a thrilling encounter that is to be repeated – this time in front of Ross’ home crowd.
Completing the championship triple event Californian Romie Adanza, the WBC national champion, gets his shot at the converted WBC International green belt fighting against the talented Englishman Paulo DaSilva.
WBC USA promoter Dennis Warner said the three championships event would be the Muaythai superfights for the year in Vegas.
“It doesn’t get much better in terms of matchups. Malaipet-Fenwick ll, Kang Eng-Ross ll and Romie taking on Paulo. The event is already creating a big buzz in Vegas.”
The championships will be supervised by Charlermkiat Suvanamas.

UFC Fan Expo – Day 2

20 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-20)

Day 2 of the UFC Fan Expo was even more high energy than the first.The fans streamed into the Mandalay Bay ahead of UFC 100, and the convention center was jumping off!We started off day 2 at the Fairtex booth with an autograph signing by WEC fighter Joseph Benavidez.Joseph is coming off a big win, and looking forward to facing Dominick Cruz on August 9th. King of the Cage welterweight champ Mike “Joker” Guymon stopped by as well.The fans lined up for photos, and Joker kept everybody in stitches.That guy is hilarious!
After a few hours at the booth, the fan inside me took over, and I had to get out and see a bit more of the Expo.I cruised over to the mats and watched a few matches at The Grappler’s Quest tournament that ran inside the UFC Expo.There was a lot of slick talent on display, and almost every match I saw was good.
I made my way around the Expo floor next.It was good to catch up with friends and contacts at booths around the hall.MMA has grown so much!I couldn’t believe how many people had packed the Expo!
My last stop was the THQ booth.I figured I had earned a little video game time, and I grabbed a spot at one of the PS3 stations playing UFC Undisputed.Check out our man James Irvin rocking the Fairtex gear.
All and all, it was a great show.We’re looking forward to show number 2 next year.Keep an eye out for us on the road.Thanks to everyone who came by the Fairtex booth to show support, and say hello.Special thanks to everyone who wore their Fairtex clothing to the UFC Fan Expo.

UFC Fan Expo – Day 1

14 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-14)

Friday was a big day at the Fan Expo.The show opened to the public at 9am, and immediately started to fill up.The whole day was high energy.The No-Gi portion of the Grapplers Quest tournament ran all day. We had a lot of guests at the Fairtex both throughout the day.
In the morning we were joined by Fairtex Mountain View grappling instructor Leopoldo Serao, and Ultimate Fighter Coach Ken Hahn.That afternoon the Fairtex booth hosted autograph signings with UFC fighter Tyson Griffin, and Ultimate Fighter winner James Wilks.The fans swarmed the booth, and everybody had a god time.

“Fight Night At The Fox II” Results

13 Jul

by (2009-07-13)

Women’s Bantamweight World Title 117.1 lbs. – 122 lbs.
Jenna Castillo defeated Gina Reyes by TKO when Reyes corner stopped the bout at the end of round 3.

West Coast Cruiserweight Title Bout 186.1 lbs. – 195 lbs.
Tareq Azim lost by disqualification when he kicked Andres Salas in the groin, “THEN” when Salas fell to the mat, Azim kicked him again in the shoulder, dislocating his shoulder. Salas won the title by Disqualification at :17 seconds of round 1.

North American Super Welterweight Title Bout 147.1 lbs – 153 lbs.
IKF US Champion Skylr Penna defeated Aaron Swenson by unanimous decision.

West Coast Super Welterweight Title *Defense 147.1 lbs – 153 lbs.
Bryan Padilla defeated previous champion, *John Duenas by TKO at 1:18 of round 2.

West Coast Middleweight Title Bout 159.1 lbs. – 165 lbs.

Caley Scott defeated Robert Cornejo Jr. by majority decision, 39-37, 40-36 and 38-38.
California Super Welterweight Title Bout 159.1 lbs. – 165 lbs.

Kevin Arceo defeated John Kusaba by majority decision, 40-36, 39-37 and 38-38.

Erik Alignay defeated Marc Toledo by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.

Isaac Boyd defeated Aaron Oreb by TKO at 1:09 of round 2.

Brenden Del Grado defeated Ezequial Barrita by KO at 1:12 of round 1.

Scott Frost defeated Jun Bato by unanimous decision, 29-26, 29-27 and 28-26.

Leizel Beliso defeated Jackie Lacap by unanimous decision 30-27.

Vince Urruty defeated Matt King by unanumous decision, 30-27, 30-26 and 29-27.

Alexsander Naumoski defeated Vince Hernandez by unanimus decision 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

Derrick Williams defeated Roy Boushton by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 and 30-27.

UFC Fan Expo – Night Before

12 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-12)

We flew into Las Vegas on Thursday night and headed straight for the Mandalay Bay to set up the Fairtex booth.As we finished up, the convention hall was pretty empty.We were some of the last people to leave for the night.Before heading back the room, we snapped some photos around the Expo floor, and grabbed some burgers.Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay is fantastic, especially when you’re tired and hungry.

Sweet and Sour

10 Jul

by Julio Lara, San Mateo Daily Journal Staff (2009-07-10)

Every superman, and superwoman, has their kryptonite — Muay Thai champion Jenna Castillo’s weakness isn’t in the ring.

So here’s little word of advice for Marissa Bota, Castillo’s opponent for Fight Night at the Fox Saturday night — grab your car, head down the 101 to Palo Alto and exit at Woodside Road.

After a couple of turns, you’ll be at Sprinkles Bakery. Buy a couple of cupcakes and take them to the fight with you. Once there, offer them to Castillo — she’s weak for those things. Maybe she’ll be moved by the gesture and not completely humiliate you in the ring.

Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Any other way, Bota will be force to go toe to toe with Castillo, a 27-year-old champion out of Millbrae. And no disrespect toward Bota, but women who have stepped into the ring with Castillo haven’t faired very well.

Castillo and her match lead the way for three other female fights Saturday night in Redwood City for Fight Night at the Fox, a night of Muay Thai-style fighting. For Castillo, it’ll be her sixth Muay Thai fight — she’s 4-1 in the other five.

All joking aside, the 5-foot-2 Mills High School product is looking forward to stepping into the ring — it’s her passion. Some may say, including Castillo, that this is what she was born to do.

Growing up, Castillo tried everything. But it wasn’t until she tried karate for the first time at the age of nine that she truly found what’s been her calling ever since.

“My mother said that it was the first time she saw that fire in my eyes,” Castillo said. She adds that from that moment on, her mother has dedicated herself to ensuring that Castillo lives up to her full potential.

Fighting quickly became the only thing Castillo truly cared about and it was affecting her life in a negative way. At Mills, Castillo sported a .5 grade point average and was in danger of not graduating.

“I was too busy day-dreaming about fighting,” Castillo said.

It wasn’t until an encounter with Cung Le, the famed mixed martial artist, that Castillo turned her life around. He forced her to raise her grades and graduate and in return, Le promised to train her. More than nine years have passed since that encounter and Castillo has flourished in the fighting world.

Castillo championships include the 2000 and 2002 USAWKF National Champion, National IKF Sanshou Bantamweight Champion, IKF West Coast Muay Thai Bantamweight Champion and IKF Featherweight Muay Thai Champion. She’s fought all around the world, from Barbados to China. Saturday, Castillo will be fighting for her second world title in the last year.

Despite her success, Castillo stays grounded, knowing that all of it can end at anytime. She goes into the fight as the favorite, but knows better than to take anything for granted.

“I take it one fight at a time,” Castillo said. “I never look at it like I have an advantage. I go into (fights) expecting everything, expecting the expected (and the unexpected). Win or lose, you get to do something you love.”

A large part of her success has to do with her work ethic. Castillo trains feverishly, starting her days at 5:30 a.m. and going all the way until 11:00 p.m. If you want to find Castillo at any point of the day, chances are she’ll be in the gym, either working on her game or teaching a class.

It isn’t just her physical game. Castillo understands that in many ways, the sport of mixed martial arts is a mental thing. Nine years of fighting professionally have helped Castillo develop a keen sense of her craft — she’s terribly intelligent and can beat you with strikes and with her mind.

“I think I have an obligation to do my best in the sport,” Castillo said.

It’s this feeling that has Castillo eager to carry the torch for the younger generation of women fighters. She says she sees herself teaching and training when her fighting days are over.

As far as Saturday’s fight, Castillo isn’t predicting anything.

“I see myself giving it my all in the ring,” she said.

That spells trouble for her opponent who, come Saturday, will have to face the wrath of Castillo. Funny thing is, for the pain Castillo inflicts, she actually is a sweet person; sweet like a pair of cupcakes.

Jenna Costillo is a student of Ganyao “Dr. Knee” Fairtex, training out of Fairtex Muaythai Fitness in San Francisco, CA.

Fairtex At The UFC Fan Expo

2 Jul

by FTX (2009-07-02)

The UFC Fan Expo, part of UFC 100 Weekend, is fast approaching.Next week, on July 10th and 11th, the Mandaly Bay Convention Center will play host to the world’s premier MMA event. Millions of fans will have the opportunity to celebrate their passion for MMA through the experience of exhibitions, training and development, fan-inspired special events and competitions, meet and greets with the elite fighters, and demos of various fighting techniques – all held in conjunction with the UFC fighter weigh-ins and the 100th Pay-Per-View Fight Card.
Make sure to visit the Fairtex booth, number 527, for VIP autograph signings, show specials, other surprises.On July 10th-1tth the UFC Fan Expo is THE place to be for fight fans.Fairtex family, REPRESENT!Don’t forget to rock your favorite Fairtex t-shirt to the show.See you in Las Vegas…
For more information visit

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